An Educational organisation which will provide benefit to the children who is in need of education.

ज्ञान वो सबसे शक्तिशाली हथियार है जिससे आप दुनिया बदल सकते हैं|

सभी मिलकर शिक्षा को सरल बनायें क्योंकी शिक्षा बिना जिन्दगी अधुरी है|

शिक्षा हमारे समाज की आत्मा है जो कि एक पीढ़ी से दूसरी पीढ़ी को दी जाती है|

Why This Platform?

"Most of the time, people are in need of money for unforeseen expenses like money for Education ,Hospitalization, Marriage, to start a small business or Some people need money for Research and Development of their new innovations, ideas and solutions. Some people may get into Heavy Debts. Since most of the people won't get loan from Banks or from private Financial Institutions for their above mentioned needs, they seek help from their known circle of friends and relatives . But not all of these people get the necessary help. Even if they get the necessary help, it is treated as Debt or a loan. Some communities have mutual help practices, but it is limited to the same community people."

Objectives of the KMEW


Monitored By Whom?

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  • Welfare Society

    KMEW is a non-government organisation creating awareness on hygiene and healthcare,it provides basic education and vocational training to the underprivileged. KMEW aims to empower the underprivileged people through education, healthcare and sustainable livelihood. KMEW is working towards having a society where there is no inequality and discrimination.

  • Our Vision

    KMEW vision is the primary focus for the betterment, empowerment and development of the poor and marginalized section of the society.It encompasses aspiration, educational excellence, system leadership, social mobility and cohesion. We seek a world of hope tolerance and social justice, where poverty has been overcome and people live with dignity and security. We seeks a society which celebrates diversity, where rights are secured, citizenship realised, and human potential fulfilled for all.

  • Our Mission

    Our mission is the bringing of educational opportunity and to promote health and social rights to those to whom such opportunities have previously been denied due to poverty family circumstances or oppression To identify and provide education related,support for the "meritorious underprivileged"children in need We facilitate the empowerment of children from poor and marginalised communities in the fight to overcome poverty, exclusion and social injustice. To create knowledge and promote personal growth opportunities for the students to reach greater heights in life. To strive for excellence in imparting education at par with international standards and enable students to make effective contributions to society.


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